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Ideally located in the palm grove of Skoura near Ouarzazate, Skoura Lodge is a charming traditional guest’s house made of sun-dried adobe bricks, with typical African architecture.

Skoura Lodge is placed in very calm and peaceful atmospheres, overlooking the High Atlas Mountains, palm groove and the desert. It offers the most beautiful setting, and also a quite & comfortable accommodation with a welcoming staff allowing customers to have an unforgettable stay in the region.

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Rooms have unique design inspired from the local architectural heritage of the old Kasbahs. Each of the 09 rooms is spacious, bright and airy; they are all pleasant both in summer and in winter.

Bike hire and car hire are available at this guest house and the area is popular for cycling.

Ouarzazate Airport is 31 km from the property.



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If you want to have a true Moroccan experience in ”The Door to the Dessert” but stay in a gorgeous, unique, and accommodating hotel, come to Skoura Lodge. Many modern Moroccan cities are big, bustling, and intense, and it can be hard to fine a genuine Moroccan friend who truly wants to connect. But at Skoura Lodge nestled atop the beautiful Ouarzazat Oasis in “The Door to The Desert”, you become part of a second family.

You will be inspired by the friendly and passionate Abdul and Ismail Eddibi who are so dedicated to their local culture as well as excited to meet new friends from all walks of life. They both speak many different languages including French, Spanish, English, Arabic, and Berber. It’s quite rare to find anyone who can integrate modern life with an ancient culture so perfectly.

Here’s what you need to know: if you drive to Skoura Lodge in the daylight, it’s quite easy to find the Lodge’s road signs that are black with orange print. If you drive during the night, all you need to do is call Skoura Lodge and someone (most likely Abdul) will come meet you on the the road (N10) near the Afriquia gas station and lead you to the lodge. you can park your car inside the secure walls that surround the lodge. It’s like your own private villa, complete with a doorman who stands watch at the gate all night long. the rooms are quite comfortable and cozy with heaters (remote controlled) and thick soft blankets for the winter, and earthen walls built in a special way that keeps the rooms cool in the summer.

The food is always fresh and absolutely delicious. You can ask for pretty much anything you want. To be waited upon like royalty yet talked to as a close friend is a truly magical experience. if you need your clothes washed, Abdul can collect them from you and take them into town where they will be washed and returned either the same day or early the next morning.

There are full modern bathrooms in each room. breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be served in the gorgeously decorated dining room right next to your room or up on the outside terrace surrounded by beautiful stained glass windows. It’s your choice! Both of these places are open to hang out in at any time of day just like at home, and Abdul usually serves the food while Ismail sits and discusses with you all the different things to see in Skoura and the history behind the town.

“ It was all so special and emmersive. the locals are friendly and love to wave and say “Salam!” (Hello in Arabic) Not once did someone try to pull us aside to sell us something; they were simply friendly and curious, especially the children! ”

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