Cooking class in Skoura ouasis

Traditional Moroccan Cooking Class in Skoura Oasis

Immerse yourself in the culinary traditions of Morocco with a hands-on cooking class in the picturesque Skoura Oasis. Learn to prepare authentic Moroccan dishes using fresh, local ingredients.

Description of the activity

Discover the rich flavors and aromatic spices of Moroccan cuisine with a traditional cooking class set in the tranquil Skoura Oasis. Your culinary adventure begins with a warm welcome from your host, who will introduce you to the art of Moroccan cooking.

The experience starts with a visit to a local market or garden to select fresh ingredients. You’ll learn about the key spices and herbs used in Moroccan cuisine and how to choose the best produce. Back at the cooking venue, typically a charming traditional kitchen or an open-air setting amidst the palm groves, you will roll up your sleeves and start preparing a variety of traditional dishes.

Under the guidance of a skilled local chef, you will prepare dishes such as tagine, couscous, or pastilla, alongside salads and traditional breads. The chef will share tips and techniques that have been passed down through generations, offering you a deep understanding of Moroccan culinary culture.

As you cook, you’ll enjoy stories about the history and significance of the dishes you’re preparing. After the cooking session, you’ll savor the fruits of your labor, enjoying a delicious meal that you’ve prepared yourself. This immersive experience is not just a cooking class but a cultural journey that will leave you with new skills and lasting memories.


  • 9:00: Arrival at the meeting point in Skoura Oasis
  • 9:15: Introduction and welcome tea
  • 9:30: Visit to the local market or garden to select ingredients
  • 10:00: Return to the cooking venue and introduction to Moroccan spices and cooking techniques
  • 10:30: Hands-on cooking session begins
  • 12:30: Enjoy the meal you’ve prepared, accompanied by traditional Moroccan tea
  • 13:30: Conclusion of the class, recipe handouts, and farewell

What's Included

  • Professional chef instructor
  • Visit to local market or garden
  • All cooking ingredients and equipment
  • Hands-on cooking session
  • Recipe handouts
  • Welcome tea and traditional Moroccan tea during the meal
  • Full meal of the dishes prepared

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