Organic Moroccan Cuisine

We offer you an organic Moroccan cuisine, revisited and refined. The herbs, typical of Moroccan cuisine, are picked up every morning from the vegetable garden. For the rest, the shopping is done at the local souk, directly from the small producer to the consumer.

Moroccan tagine in Skoura restaurant


Moroccan tagine is a traditional stew cooked in an earthenware pot that circulates steam to enhance flavors. It combines locally-sourced meats, spices, and vegetables from the Skoura Oasis, creating a savory dish enjoyed with couscous or bread.

Moroccan couscous in Skoura restaurant


Couscous is a staple grain dish beloved across North Africa, made from small steamed balls of semolina flour. Often served as a base for hearty stews or mixed with vegetables and spices, it offers a versatile and absorbent foundation that complements a variety of flavors.

Moroccan breakfast in Skoura restaurant

Moroccan breakfast

A Moroccan breakfast features freshly baked breads like khobz and msemen, served with local honey, olive oil, and amlou. This array of sweet and savory items is often accompanied by mint tea, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Moroccan cuisine.

Moroccan pastry in Skoura restaurant

Moroccan Pastry

Moroccan pastry blends flaky dough, nuts, honey, and spices like cinnamon and saffron in treats such as b'stilla and gazelle horns. These sweet confections are typically enjoyed with mint tea, marking them as favorites in both daily life and celebrations.


The kitchen in Skoura Lodge, is particularly rich with organic vegetables and seasonal fruits from mostly local orchards and vegetable garden and the local delicacies that will not cease to surprise your taste.

Buds, salads and raw vegetables, pastries revive the atmosphere of holidays, the bread which varies according to the occasion (normal, tanourt, megdal ...) Mechoui to how Skouri, southern dishes a true celebration every day ... Our challenge is to join the exotic to clean: dishes of local flavors , the delights of world gastronomy, dietetics finely adapted to the richly arranged event (honeymoon, anniversary, Christmas...) The chef is happy to customize each meal to the tastes and needs of our guests.